Alliance For Life

„For Life“ is an alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to the protection of (traditional) family and human life (from conception) with special emphasis on the action against the “white plague” (negative population growth) and abortion. Alliance is working closely with the Serbian Orthodox Church and pursue international cooperation with similar associations abroad. We began operating in the spring of 2016 to better coordinate the work of various groups dealing with these issues, to achieve better communication and to raise the quality of work at a higher level. Alliance is based on the principles of equality, collegiality and professionalism.

For the first six months of work already achieved remarkable results and it turned out that networking is very good decision in the public interest. Seven representatives of the guilds took part in the international conference “За жизн” (For life) in Moscow in August, where we were received by the Russian high dignitary Panteleimon (manager of Church Social Services Charity) at a high level and passed the training. We participated in the Congress of psychotherapists of Serbia where we presented psychological interviews before abortion – consultations – a very successful Russian program; we also participated in the regional conference of the World Congress of Families in the National Assembly of Serbia in September; explored positive examples in the world to be applied in Serbia; we performed a thorough analysis of the government proposal of Civil Code (law) and the we monitor other acts in this field; etc.

Members of the Alliance For life are the associations:
1) Center for Reproductive Ethics “For Babies” – mr Mila Todorović,
2) “Survival” – prof. dr Dragan Bataveljić,
3) Center for Family Care – dr Bojan Cakić,
4) Center for Family Protection – dr Nemanja Zaric,
5) Family help – dr. Milijana Savić – Abramović,
6) IO initiative for a ban on abortion – Radojko Ljubicic, politicologist,
7) Cradle is the largest expanse – Vrnjačka Banja – dr. Bratislav Milovanović,
8) Princess Persida KarađorđevićRoyal – Maja Kovačević

and prominent individuals:
mr Biljana Spasic (economist),
Dr. Biljana Andjelkovic (psychotherapist),
Milorad Stanojlović (economist and banker),
Zorana Miljevic, BSc. theologian,
Daroslav Gužvić, economist,
Mirjana Majstorovic, theologian,
Dr. Vedrana Avdalović,
Aleksandar Mitrovic,
Ljiljana Pavicevic and others.

Friend of the Alliance is “Offspring”, an association led by Dušanka Jankovic, professor of Serbian language.